Christian Criminal Civil Research Group

When Justice Fails, We Help You Prevail!

The Exfelon Legal Research Group advocates as a means to help overcome and research ones conviction by legal redress of grievances by proper law analogy of placement in cases.

The mission of The Christian Criminal Civil Research Group is to assist those who are on the inside and outside by advocating for justice by researching the law and their case to provide information that may be utilized by the ExFelon and the ExFelon’s legal team. We bridge the gap between the ExFelon and the outside world to provide a means for their voices to be heard.

We are not attorneys, nor do we provide legal advice. We research your case and advocate to provide information on rights and conviction so you may have post conviction remedies. We work as legal technicians in information services as a team effort.​

The Christian Criminal Civil Research Group is composed by The Spirit of Righteousness.

We are here as a ministry to help members of the ExFelon Association who need legal research in their cases. We help in the nature of unlawful conviction, court orders, probation orders and post conviction relief.

​Our research looks for sentencing errors due process defects in a conviction, errors in multiplicity, stacking of charges and 5th amendment violations. Many convictions have flaws that never get reviewed and go unnoticed and stand unchallenged.

​The ExFelon Association does legal research and helps in finding issues that may reduce a sentence. We examine legal defects, search case laws that address what has never been addressed, and aid in finding favorable legal redress that may take elements out of a conviction or override some convictions. We see grievances in a case and look for flaws in the sentencing guidelines.

​We promote education, research for case analysis of convictions and parole orders, probation orders and violation of parole and probation analysis.

Every man, woman, and child has a God ordained right to have constitutional protections. These are our rights.

​We are active as a research legal committee. The Exfelon Association in Partnership with Christian Criminal Civil Research Group known as the CCC Legal Research Ministry Group.

​Our Committee is advancing the legal help so many need today. We are growing and seeking new legal professionals to work with us on a ministry level as community service to our nation.

​We are actively looking for retired lawyers and active lawyers that want to do pro-bono work for The Exfelon Association. We are also seeking paralegals experienced and those that desire to learn the paralegal training positions as legal technicians. CCCRG is our way to help the rights of our brethren.

​Psalms 46:1 God is Our Protection and Our Strength.