ExFelon Legislative Bill

Currently in Florida and the entire Nation there is little difference between current and former Felons. We believe this is wrong and it must change.

​​We have created a legislative bill that has been on the House floor in Florida since 2015. The Bill was created to change the title from Felon to ExFelon by educating companies, corporations, legislation, the insurance commission and society as a whole. This Bill will stop the disenfranchising of ExFelons by removing the negative stigma that blocks them from credit, housing, and jobs.

The ExFelon Association has proposed the bill which will create the term Exfelon in the Florida Statues. An Exfelon would be defined as a convicted felon who has completed their sentence, is not on probation or parole and is not defined as a violent offender or sex offender. By adding the Ex we acknowledge they have paid their debt to society and are attempting to move forward with their life. This is a very simple change that will go a long way in the minds of ExFelons and those that love them.

We are in search of a champion to sponsor this Bill and help us move this issue forward for approval to the bill being signed into law.