Industrial Agriculture Hemp Farm Pilot Program

In a January, we traveled to Tallahassee and met with Nikki Fried, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture. She was excited to learn about our detailed plans for a 10 acre Hemp Farm Pilot Program. It will be utilized to teach youth/children the law through farming skills at the same time equipping them by teaching and reminding them all of the morals, values and principles necessary to never cross the line of the law or to never re-cross the line of the law again.

​Last month, the State of Florida released the application and applied for our Hemp license that same day and received our license 3 days later.

Edible seeds contain about 30 percent oil and are a source of protein, fibre, and magnesium. Shelled hemp seeds, sometimes called hemp hearts, are sold as a health food and may be eaten raw; they are commonly sprinkled on salads or blended with fruit smoothies. Hemp seed milk is used as an alternative to dairy milk in drinks and recipes. The oil obtained from hemp seed can be used to make paints, varnishes, soaps, and edible oil with a low smoke point. Hemp has many other uses.

The Hemp Farm is the latest addition to our Sustainability Program, which is also a unique component of our Law and Basketball program. The Farm will become a vibrant breeding ground not only for hemp plants, but also for youth/children who will learn law and entrepreneurship combined with farming. The farm will provide a safe environment where youth who have crossed the line of the law and youth who have not crossed the line of the law will work together to develop mental, physical and emotional skills and agility that will apply to law knowledge and life. Youth/Children will also learn the positive uses of hemp as well as the negative effects of drugs.

The Youth/Children will learn seed varieties, planting methods, crop care, development of harvesting methods, gain an understanding of various manufacturing methods and about the many ways hemp can make life better through products and alternative medication applications. In the process, they will learn about reaping and sowing, fertilizing and weeding while applying these concepts to life situations. They will develop community, partnerships, self-confidence and self-empowerment.

​The Hemp Pilot Farming Pilot Program will become another strong bedrock providing for positive outcomes and long-term opportunities for success by empowering youth/children to avoid the school pipeline to prison and entanglement in the criminal justice system and embrace freedom to be fruitful and multiply in every area of life.