Old School Fundamental Skill Set Training

Law and Basketball Old School Fundamental Skill Set Training will be executed in conjunction with the teaching of the law lessons found in the YLLC (Young Law Legal Club) Law Lessons, Reimagining Life Principles, Priorities and Pathways and Law and Basketball Animation.

The CORE FOCUS will be to connect all of the programs both on and off the court.

THE MISSION is to bring Awareness, Advocacy, Prevention and Education of The Law and Sentencing Guidelines which will dismantle the School Pipeline to Prison and Stop Mass Incarceration.

THE OBJECTIVE to give every child the opportunity to learn and apply the fundamentals of offensive and defensive basketball skill sets to street law, criminal law, spiritual law and life while incorporating morals, values and principles allowing Old School 4 Court Fundamental Basketball Skill Set Training to build new pathways for a successful future.

THE PURPOSE is to empower children to not cross the law and become entangled in the criminal justice system and to reclaim children who may have already crossed the line providing avenues that untangles and frees the child from the system.

EVERY CHILD will have the opportunity to learn or further develop the fundamental skills of basketball while applying the fundamental offensive and defensive moves and skill sets of old school basketball to the fundamentals of criminal court, street court and spiritual court allowing the child to the utilize the fundamentals of basketball to learn to be governed by morals, values and principles.

This will be accomplished through Old School Basketball Fundamental Skill Set Training within the 12 week, 24 week and 52 week programs, 3 Day Law and Basketball Camps, Law and Basketball Tournaments and Law and Basketball Leagues. In each of these settings every child will receive a one on one assessment and evaluation with the opportunity for Law and Basketball Therapy, individual training, mentoring across all aspects of the program and an individual growth and development plan both on and off the court with ongoing check points for personal and team progress.

Old School 4 Court Fundamental Basketball Skills Sets Training

1. Basketball Court – through physically playing out and applying the fundamentals of law the basketball court provides the convergence of Reimagining Life: Principles, Priorities and Pathways, Young Law Legal Club, Law and Basketball and Old School Fundamental Basketball Skill Set Training. Full court application of offensive and defensive old school fundamental play action brings together teaching, descriptions and reiteration of laws while also reminding and teaching of morals, values and principles. The basketball court becomes the pathway to innovative, trailblazing, life-long change through education, training and prevention.

2. Criminal Court – utilizes court procedures integrated on the basketball court to provide understanding and realization of the full cost of becoming entangled in the Criminal Justice System while providing avenues for avoiding becoming entangled in the Criminal Justice System and not negating the ability to also become untangled.

3. Street Court – provides real, raw integration of how your friends, your homies, your neighborhood, your community and your personal world affects your life as it applies to laws while enforcing the truth that your peers and your surroundings affects who you become.

4. Spiritual Court – applies the law good and evil to life through the foundations of truth, love, faith and sound wisdom as established by God.