Our Programs

Law & Basketball

  • The goal is to eradicate entanglement in The Criminal Justice System through advocacy, prevention, training and education through faith, love and truth.​

  • The core goal of this program when administered in the prison is to focus on prisoners with one to three years of incarceration remaining to include mentoring prisoners with longer sentences through allowing short-term prisoners to reach back and help those with longer sentences remaining.

  • Law and Basketball Old School Fundamental Skill Set Training will be executed in conjunction with the teaching of the law lessons found in the YLLC (Young Law Legal Club) Law Lessons, Reimagining Life Principles, Priorities and Pathways and Law and Basketball Animation.

  • Holistic wellness addressing behavioral health utilizing clinical psychotherapeutic services integrating the principles of law and basketball, Young Law Legal Club (YLLC), basketball skill set training, individual and group psychotherapy to both children and adults that have been traumatized and re-traumatized by the criminal justice systems judicial process as a direct result of arrest, pretrial, sentencing guidelines, release sanctions and post release.



  • The mission of ExFelon Enterprise Staffing Management, Inc. is to remove the barriers to employment created through disenfranchisement by Companies, Corporations, and the Insurance Commission under the Title Felon.​

  • Repair Shops Outreach Ministries, in partnership with the tThe ExFelon Association and Bio Waste Tech, Inc., provides education, training, and life-giving resources to ExFelons, their families, and their friends. The Youth Entrepreneur Prevention Program seeks to divert youth from the Title Felon label.

  • The Hemp Farm is the latest addition to our Sustainability Program, which is also a unique component of our Law and Basketball program. The Farm will become a vibrant breeding ground not only for hemp plants, but also for youth/children who will learn law and entrepreneurship combined with farming.


  • The ExFelon 24 hour mentoring hotline has trained individuals ready and waiting to meet you at your greatest point of need with confidential care and concern.

  • We have created a legislative bill that has been on the House floor in Florida since 2015. The Bill was created to change the title from Felon to ExFelon by educating companies, corporations, legislation, the insurance commission and society as a whole.

  • The Exfelon Legal Research Group advocates as a means to help overcome and research ones conviction by legal redress of grievances by proper law analogy of placement in cases.