Recycle Sustainability Reclaim Programs

Reclaiming it All – The Key to Maintaining the Right Pathway

He Didn’t Bring You This Far to Leave You.
Going Back is Not an Option!

Mission: Utilize recycling as a priority principle to teach law and help reimagine a young person’s life on another pathway.

Objective: Create a membership recycling team by assisting young people with identifying and developing their gifts and talents while providing opportunities to explore possibilities such as vocational trades, entrepreneurship, or higher education. To include opportunities in becoming a reservists, in becoming a great part of an emergency response team, or in becoming a part of FEMA as well as other avenues in recycling and environmental.

Expected Outcome: Youth who are at risk for crossing the line of the law or who have already crossed the line for the law will be redirected to use the same gifts and talents they used negatively toward positive opportunities, channeling the positive mindset in creating new ideas and technology in recycling raw materials into biodegradable materials. As a result, our youth are empowered to never cross the line of the law or to never re-cross the line of the law. Lower recidivism among our youth as opposed to other youth by providing a positive place to belong.