Reimagining Life Curriculum

Reimagining Life: Principles, Priorities & Pathways

A Program of Repair Shop Outreach Ministries Educational & Training Department

It is never too late to reimagine and reinvent yourself!

The core goal of this program when administered in the prison is to focus on prisoners with one to three years of incarceration remaining to include mentoring prisoners with longer sentences through allowing short-term prisoners to reach back and help those with longer sentences remaining.

​The core goal of this program when administered in settings outside the prison is prevention.

This simple, straightforward curriculum reaches within and pulls out and reminds individuals that there is untapped potential and greatness in every human being. At the same time either teaching children or reminding adults of principles that govern life, while establishing priorities that will either keep one on the right pathway or guide them back to the right pathway so that everyone has every opportunity to live their best life.​

The program consists of 43 independent lessons divided into 4 semesters that journey through concepts that apply to every area of life.

The program consists of:

  • Orientation
  • Semester 1—Communication
  • Semester 2—Principles of Self Government
  • Semester 3—Principles of Personal Productivity
  • Semester 4—Principles of Leadership
  • Laws and Sentencing Guidelines
  • Convocation
  • Graduation
  • Continuum of Care

Sample Lesson

Orientation Lesson – Self Talk


  • Understand Self-Defecting Talk
  • Understand Self-Motivating Talk
  • Understand the Power of Our Words
  • Learn and Possess the tools for Positive Life-Giving Self-Talk

Expected Outcome:

Participants will understand that everything suggests they will not be successful. Participants will be equipped for the journey of reimagining life principles, priorities and pathways through learning self-governing talk that will produce a high self-esteem and a high self-confidence that will result in a better than 1000% increase in opportunities to realize their full potential.

Each segment includes pre and post tests as well as homework and regular tests to assure that the materials are understood, retained, and integrated into day to day life.