Freedom Breeze Odor Eliminator

Produced by Law & Basketball Young Law Legal Club

Freedom Breeze Original Fine Crystalline climates odors, absorbs bacteria and smoke.  Our exclusive patented product provides children and youth the opportunity to learn product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales by providing hands on teaching so that children and youth are prevented from crossing the line of the law. You are not just buying a product. You are saving the future of a child.

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ELIMINATES: Offensive Odors Caused by Smoke, Fire Damage, Mildew Garbage, Moisture, Diapers, Cooking and Pets.

USE IN: Apartment Buildings, Homes, Airports, Athletic Facilities, Animal Care Facilities, Hotels, Schools, Churches, Hospitals, Motels, Industrial Plants, Offices, Government Buildings, Casinos, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Automobiles and Mass Transit Vehicles.

ALSO EXCELLENT FOR: Smoke Damaged Rooms, Garbage Pails, Garbage Chutes, Dumpsters, Compactors, Incinerators, Ash Trays, Urns, Animal Related Odors.

Quickly and easily eliminates malodors wherever they occur. Shakes out as fine, nearly invisible crystalline particles that release a clean, fresh fragrance while absorbing unpleasant odors trapped in carpet and upholstery. Helps reduce static charge build-up in carpets. Effective in counteracting pet smells, cooking, smoking and musty mildew odors. Will not cake or clump when used on carpeting, fabric or wet surfaces. Will not dissolve in water. Will not harm vacuums. Will not burn. Biodegradable, safe and easy to use.

Sprinkle lightly over entire area.
Vacuuming after treatment is not necessary.

CONTAINS: Calcite (1317-65-3) Odor Counteract and Fragrance Blend.

Contents Treats up to 5000 Sq. Ft.