ExFelon Enterprise Staffing Management, Inc.

Do you need financial sustainability?
Are companies giving you a NO?
Our answer is YES to everyone!

Reimagine and Reclaim Control of Your Life.

Visualize it! Think it! Become It!

The mission of ExFelon Enterprise Staffing Management, Inc. is to remove the barriers to employment created through disenfranchisement by Companies, Corporations, and the Insurance Commission under the Title Felon.​

We advocate for the Title Felon to be replaced with the Title ExFelon for every individual who has completed the sentencing guidelines and are not a violent offender or a sex offender.​

We understand that an ExFelon is not defined by the crime they committed. The ExFelon possesses many talents, gifts, abilities and education that makes them valuable assets to employers.

Why Should You Hire an ExFelon?

ExFelons who are a part of our membership, advocacy, education, training, and prevention association understand that failure is not an option. Our ExFelons fully understand that they will not mess up this opportunity. Our ExFelons possess the mindset and determination that will make them a more valuable asset to you than other employees.

Training and Preparation Support Services include:

  • Graduation from our Reimagining Life Principles, Priorities and Pathways Program
  • Personal Advocate/Coach
  • Understanding how to work independently and as part of a team
  • Skills, Interest, and Proficiency Assessments
  • Educational and Training Assessment
  • Strategic Results Based Communication Skills
  • Career/Job Specific Training
  • Access to, and provision of, resources needed for success
  • Services provided to ExFelons both inside and outside prison

Why Should Companies and Corporations Partner With Us?

  • We understand your reluctance to hire an ExFelon due to the stigma placed on the Title Felon by society.
  • We assist you with understanding the vast difference between the Title Felon and the Title ExFelon.
  • We assist you in assuring that you are receiving a fully prepared individual who will be an asset to your company.
  • We assist you with your civic and social obligation to give back to ExFelon, their family, and their friends who patronize your business.
  • We are the bridge between your company/corporation and the ExFelon assuring both you and the ExFelon have your needs met and exceeded.