Therapeutic Boot Camp

Stand Up And Dribble

The Mind: Utilizing the Conscience to Heal the Sub-Conscience

Misson: holistic wellness addressing behavioral health utilizing clinical psychotherapeutic services integrating the principles of law and basketball, Young Law Legal Club (YLLC), basketball skill set training, individual and group psychotherapy to both children and adults that have been traumatized and re-traumatized by the criminal justice systems judicial process as a direct result of arrest, pretrial, sentencing guidelines, release sanctions and post release.

Objective: behavioral modification to illustrate and demonstrate the positive impact of neuro biological and brain mapping clinical interventions and strategies combining eclectic approaches cognitive restructuring, dbt, cbt, motivational interviewing behavioral analysis, modification and mindfulness meditation in both group and individual session in outpatient and inpatient settings.

Expected Outcome: to measure and monitor all client behaviors from intake through the full continuum of care with the systematic goal to decrease adverse pathology and symptomatology. Clients will be monitored, assessed and evaluated using pre and post testing with weekly testing to show progress both behaviorally and academically producing holistic healing and health.