Young Law Legal Club (YLLC)

The goal is to eradicate entanglement in The Criminal Justice System through advocacy, prevention, training and education through faith, love and truth.​

YLLC recognizes young persons desire to belong and snatches them from the possibility of negative gang involvement into a positive mentoring leadership development membership club.

The model trains in the law as it pertains to misdemeanor and felony convictions and the science of the legal structure of courts and crimes.​

Students will share advanced lectures as a means to stay free of legal convictions.

Youth will engage in training and responsibilities. As they grow each youth, male and female, will be instructed on the laws of society and on State and Local Laws. They will be instructed on The Constitution of the United States while gradually moving from basic law to advanced law.

YLLC allows youth to be leaders of today while developing them into trailblazers of tomorrow.