Youth Entrepreneur Prevention Program

Our Goal is to Train and Teach Prevention

Repair Shops Outreach Ministries, in partnership with the The ExFelon Association and Bio Waste Tech, Inc., provides education, training, and life-giving resources to ExFelons, their families, and their friends. The Youth Entrepreneur Prevention Program seeks to divert youth from the Title Felon label.

Education counts for regular and court ordered community service hours.

Together we are here to help you secure your rightful place in society.

Youth ages 10-17 will learn to professionally run their own business and develop:

  • Business Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management
  • Morals and Values
  • Education on Laws
  • Awareness of Sentencing Guidelines
  • Understanding of the Title Felon

​Youth will become individual business owners.

Teaching Our Youths to Develop the Skills To Be Business Owners

You are your only limitation

Our goal is to help youth age 10-17 learn how to own their own business while teaching them leadership skills, communication skills, time management, morals and values.

Philotimo caring as the Greeks teach the world means caring for others and being there for them. We teach children and educate them on law by having a mindset to remain free and understand the rights they have while being concerned for others.

We teach children sentencing guidelines. We teach children the difference between Title Felon and Title ExFelon. It is our goal to teach our youth to become responsible people and to learn to be business owners.

Thoughtful Understanding

  • Youth learn to earn money not take money.
  • Youth learn to reduce chance of criminal activity.
  • Youth reduce the chance of prison becoming part of their life story.
  • Youth will be inspired and motivated through patron examples.
  • Youth will establish a business plan, budget, saving plan, stock and investment plan.
  • Inspirational Mentoring and Counseling

​We are committed to helping youth become productive, successful members of society through mentoring, guidance and counseling both in group and individual settings. We believe you are worth everything it takes to help you get all you desire out of life.